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Here are a list of previous projects that have been undertaken by They have been supplied and utilised in the UK and the International media as well as for in house publicity and online use. We aim to give every cause  the maximum positive publicity. These projects are available with full picture sets and copy for both national and international print and online use. Please contact us here in order to enquire  about any of these projects or to discuss a new project involving your company, organisation or event.

Saatchi Giraffe. July 13 (20).jpg

This lion was photographed in Mikumi National Park Tanzania caught in a poacher's snare. The authorities were immediately called and with the help of the team the publicity gained from international media attention and the dedicated staff of TANAPA the lion was located freed and treated. A follow up visit from the team gained further international attention to the work of TANAPA and showed the Lion had recovered well and was in good health.


British surgeon Oliver Fenton and his dedicated team had been giving their time and skills to help orphans in Romania since 1989. went with the team to cover their work. The award winning photography feature featured in the UK Daily Telegraph, Dail Mail and International media. Along with the website produced funds and awareness were raised for the continued project.

sana logo .jpg

An organisation which defines this way of thinking and shows how conservation, commerce, agriculture and the community can work as one can be seen in SANA  . Saving Africa’s nature.

Saving Africa's Nature is an NGO registered in Tanzania.

They aim to restore the ecological balance of the endangered Kikwati Wildlife Corridor by reducing the impact of human activities.  has covered and continues to support their work helping design and supply images, video and web content for their website.


Cultural events that promote progressive and inclusive scientific and environmental thinking are also covered by the team. Bluedot Festival based in Cheshire UK is one such event and we covered the event in 2019 distributing the photographs worldwide. If you are hosting any cultural event with  an environmental, ecological or social progressive theme please contact us here.

Fair trade.jpg

When the Fair trade foundation contacted to showcase their work and recipe book in Ghana we were happy to be involved. If you have a product, project or organisation that helps promote positive social and environmental change then contact us to see how we can work together.


Voices from the Savannah a book distributed worldwide through corporate sponsorship, sales and individual donations featured global leaders from the conservation, political and commercial world. The book featured on the BBC world service and national international press bringing attention to those organisations who an a daily basis strive to save the ecology of Africa.

Cracked earth1-Edit.jpg

Climate change is a real and existential threat. The IPPC  has continually increased it's independent warnings. aims to highlight any organisation that helps mitigate the threat of climate change.

As an organisation we utilise public transport and all air travel is off set through organisations as well as through in house tree planting. Our projects often combine travel to a singular destination in order to further reduce our carbon foot print.

BROWN 16.jpg

Some stories do not involve the international news agenda but warrant attention. Jenny Brown, who runs an animal sanctuary at Woodstock USA, suffered from bone cancer and lost her leg.

When she rescued an injured goat she contacted her doctor so he could produce a similar prosthetic.

If you or someone you know has overcome such adversity please contact us. 

Sheldrick.jpg has on several occasions worked on photography features involving the world renowned Sheldrick foundation publicising through international media the inspiring work they do saving orphaned elephants and fighting against illegal poaching.


With The Heineken Jazzaldia  receiving the “Erronka Garbia” (“Clean Challenge”) certificate in recognition of the Festival’s sustainable nature and one of the worlds most iconic cultural campaigners for social reform and environmental protection, Joan Baez, performing was well suited to cover the event.

Disability rights .jpg

When the Disability rights UK wanted to examine how San Francisco had tackled and overcome the logistic problems went along to document and publicise the work. 

TURTLE HOSPITAL 11.jpg covered the world first turtle hospital in Georgia USA. Plastic pollution, climate change as well as boat accidents and light pollution have caused many species to face endangerment and near extinction. The article featured in the UK and international press and helped with the UK Daily Mails campaign to end the use of free plastic bags.

land mine.jpg

Landmines kill and maim people.

Rats help has been enlisted by Belgian de-mining research group APOPO, who are using the rats alongside dogs and metal detectors. went to cover the remarkable work they undertake. 


Jane Goodall and the roots&shoots organisation she founded should be an inspiration to everyone concerned about the planet we live on. If you have an event, organisation on initiative that promotes conservation, helps lower your or companies carbon footprint or prove your local ecology please contact to see if we can work together.


Environmental protesters have been suffering hardship and in some cases risking their lives to protect land worldwide. helps to get these causes publicity throughout the media and tell their story.


Mkombozi is the only N.G.O in Tanzania that actively involves communities in the work to prevent children from migrating to the streets in the first place. Nationally and internationally, Mkombozi’s work is regarded as groundbreaking, innovative, and willing to challenge a status quo that accepts a culture of impunity around child abuse.

Worldwidefeatures photographed the work of the Mkombozi orphanage in Tanzania in 2005.


The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered feline species in the world; as few as 220 individuals survive in the wild. The species was once widespread across the Iberian Peninsula but has declined drastically over recent decades due to habitat loss, reductions in prey and high non-natural mortality from road kills, hunting and predator control. Find out more and learn how you can help the beautiful Iberian Lynx – Europe’s only endemic feline. photographed the first Lynx Cubs in the breeding programme in 2002 the population then stood at an estimated 150.


Machamo  is a fisherman who has lived in a small fishing village in Tanzania for 35 years. In the last 7 years the rising sea has eaten away at the beach advancing 35 metres and now is just a few metres away from his home and the village. Climate change is real and changing lives now. is commited to covering stories which impact on  people worldwide. 


The actors Javier Bardem and Carlos Bardem presented Sanctuary with its director, Álvaro Longoria. The film is about the media, scientific and political campaign to protect the planet’s last remaining pristine area: the Antarctic. was there to cover the story. If you have an event that highlights concerns for the environment or humanitarian injustice please contact us.

1PSAF.jpg has covered conflict, refugee and relief as independent news or working with NGO's to aid appeals. Contact us to see if we can work together 

This picture was taken at a refugee camp in Macedonia during the Kosovo War in 1999.

To hear and see an interview with the subject see this TV interview

ROBERTS241-1.jpg helps your project be seen by the world with worldwide media contacts. We cover stories worldwide with journalists and photographers who have a multitude of skills including Zoology, Global development, Underwater photography, Fine art, Socially engaged photography, Finance and business, Studio portraiture, Music and events, Art history, Conservation and environmentalism.

Contact us to discuss your project.

PL2 (1 of 3).jpg

It's not  just the governments, large NGO's and corporations that can make a difference to our world. Lady Pedal are a cycling community of women. They meet regularly to talk about cycling and plan cycling events for women. They encourage women to cycle by helping them to feel safe and confident on Manchester’s roads. Great for the environment and womans' empowerment. was happy to tell their story


Worldwidefeatures covers demonstrations, protests and any socially constructive change or activism. Contact us if you feel your cause, charity, work or activism needs its' voice to be documented and distributed throughout the media.

The pandemic affected everyone but those elderly people who faced isolation alone suffered more than most. Worldwidefeatures photographer Vilija Skubute used socially engaged photography to document this experience through the eyes of those involved.If you want to bring attention to your community project contact us.

This feature appeared in The Meteor , The Mill, Mersey Live News and the Open Eye gallery.


When legendary independent music venue 'Night and Day' celebrated its 30th anniversary was there to explore the event with its photographer Alvaro Velazquez 

This ground breaking venue has hosted amongst others The Smiths, Elbow, Badly Drawn Boy, Kasabian, Jessie J, Paulo Nutini, the Arctic Monkeys, the Manic Street Preachers the Courteeners, Phoebe Green, Nile Marr and the Orielles. Read more here.

13.GRS WCML 10.02.2022-7.jpg

The Working Class Movement Library contains a unique collection of literature and archival material spanning over two hundred years of struggle for workers and civil rights. A collection of global importance covering globally significant issues.

Worldwidefeatures visited the centre for an article and reportage you can read more here

GRS Ukraine war protest web.jpg

Lithuania stands with Ukraine: “our argument is with Putin and his generals, not with the people of Russia”

Lithuanians are fighting back against Russian propaganda, sharing reputable news sources to Russians blocked from hearing the truth by state-controlled mass media.
The plucky little country, neighbouring Russian Kaliningrad, has renamed street leading to Russian Embassy “Ukrainian Heroes’ Street”. reports on how Lithuanians are fighting disinformation.


Inequality in the Global North is a growing problem. The UK Enough is Enough campaign is organising demonstrations to highlight the need for a rethink. Worldwidefeatures covered this story for the Meteor  (Manchester focussed online newspaper) and the national media.

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